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Ramon Branger Branger_Briz AAF President

Ramon Branger
Branger Briz
AAF President

Want to join a group of really cool, hip trendsetters? Okay, maybe not hip, but certainly cool. Okay maybe not cool, but hopefully trendsetters.

All right, we’re really just a bunch of advertising geeks who spent our youths actually watching the commercials when they came on. Not just watching, but dissecting each frame to determine the added value of spot based on production costs and yield with the target market. (And the fact that we can even say ‘added value’ and ‘target market’ in the same sentence puts us right back in the cool category!)

So, if you’re looking to make connections in the industry. To learn more about the trends in advertising. Find the agency/production house/media outlet you need to sell a product. Or if you just want to join a group of witty, charming, talented, attractive people who share the same interests as you, look no further than AAF Miami.

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